FIN 300 Corporate Finance

Slides are meant as a template for lectures and should not be used in lieu of coming to class. Slides are constructed based on topics from Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.

Exam 2 Topics Exam 2 Practice Formula Sheet

Chapter Five

This chapter introduces the most important topic and skill in this course -- Time Value of Money. You will learn the basics of calculating present value, future value, discount rate, and number of periods.

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Chapter Six

In this Chapter we will extend our discussion on Time Value of Money. We will add (un)even cash flows to the calculations. We will also cover perpetuities, including a growth rate, EAR vs APR, and discuss loan types.

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Chapter Seven

This chapter will discuss bonds. Including valuation, terms, types, ratings and term structure. Also discuss real vs nominal rates.

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