FIN 300 Corporate Finance

Slides are meant as a template for lectures and should not be used in lieu of coming to class. Slides are constructed based on topics from Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.

Exam 3 Topics Exam 3 Practice

Chapter Nine

This chapter will use the our Time Value of Money skills to evaluate potential investments. We will cover capital budgeting tools such as Net Present Value, Payback Period, and Internal Rate of Return. We will cover calculation as well as the correct decision criteria. Non-conventional cash flows are also covered.

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Chapter Fifteen

This chapter covers the process of raising capital both privately through a venture capitalist and publically through an initial public offering (IPO). Examples of Uber and Twitter.

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Chapter Seventeen

In this chapter we cover the various ways the firm returns cash to shareholders. We will discuss dividends and share repurchases and the relative values of each payout method. We will cover stock splits.

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