How to use the online presentation slides

(press space bar)


Use the space bar to move to the next slide/item.

You can also use the arrow keys to go backward and forward.

You can also click the arrows in the lower right corner.


Another way to navigate is to use the menu in the lower left corner.

You can either click on the "hamburger button" or just press "m" on the keyboard to open and close it.

You can also select different themes from the menu if you prefer going over the notes in a different color.

Vertical Slides

There may be some sections of the presentation that have vertical slides.

(click space bar or down)

This is the slide below.

(click space bar or down)

And this is the bottom slide.

You can tell if there are slides above or below the current slide by looking at the arrows in the bottom right corner.

Bird's Eye View

You can get a bird's eye view of the presentation by pressing "Escape".

You can then either navigate with the arrow keys and press enter, or just click on the slide you want to view.


If you prefer to print out the slides then you will need to use Google Chrome.

Add ?print-pdf to the end of the URL and then go to the print menu. For example the end of this URL should be slideshowto.html?print-pdf

Be sure to have it in landscape mode and set "Margins" to None.

Mobile Friendly

These slides are also mobile friendly.

So you can easily review lecture notes on your phone while waiting in line at the coffee shop!